2021/11/24 18:30

★N.S.H★  I got a camera for shooting

RayBarbee × LeicaCamera × VANS





GLOBAL SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE   Original eyewear from Shibuya ☆N.S.H☆has started selling the product worldwide !  For those who want international shipping,please use the Worldshopping cart.  Worldshopping.global purchases product for the customer and delivers it globally.   

☆N.S.H Eyewear☆ The use of a flat lens (0-curve lens) is characterized by the occasional reflection like a mirror lens.
Even with lightly colored lenses, it is difficult to see the area around the eyes, so the glimpse of the eyes from the other person's perspective will make you look sexy and cool.

☆N.S.H☆已经开始在全球范围内销售该产品 ! 来自涩谷的原创眼镜🕶  使用平光镜(0曲线镜)的特点是偶尔会出现像镜面一样的反射。 即使使用浅色镜片,也很难看到眼睛周围的区域,所以从对方的角度瞥见的眼睛会让你看起来很性感和酷。